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Dnipro river water area

Galeon yacht

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 Photo shooting

How the program will run

Walking along the river creates a feeling of freedom, detachment from the daily office routine and the hustle and bustle of the big city.

The view from the river to the city is a real pleasure, enjoying the panoramas of the islands, the views of luxurious architectural complexes and buildings immersed in greenery. Or you can just look at the horizon, serenely admiring the abyss of the mighty river.

Such a standard story as a yacht trip can be completely transformed and become an outstanding, bright program for your corporate trip. It is worth adding some details and you will see an ordinary yacht trip in a completely different light.

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Program description 

On a comfortable motor yacht, guests are met and escorted to the salon by friendly staff. The space of the yacht is decorated with fresh flowers, marine decor. The buffet menu is presented with gourmet appetizers, delicious wines and light desserts.

A saxophonist in a snow-white suit plays the blues, right under the clouds and the sounds of music involuntarily bring smiles on their faces. The atmosphere of freedom, pleasant atmosphere and joint relaxation set you up for easy and positive communication. Joint photos and laughter liberate and unite. And after the walk, right "from the ship to the ball", it's time to go to a chic seaside restaurant for dinner!

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