The most exclusive club in the world

The most exclusive club in the world

Rolls-Royce Whispers - the digital world of luxury

Luxury companies compete to pamper their wealthy clients: exclusive privileges, invitations to private shows or promotions, fierce competition in the loyalty sector. Rolls-Royce fans are a unique group of society: entrepreneurs, heads of state, royalty, founders and the brightest stars of the entertainment industry. These clients are residents of the whole world, connoisseurs, patrons of art, philanthropists, collectors of fine and exquisite objects; people who are not bound by general constraints such as time and money.

The Whispers app, which took more than two years to develop, will allow new owners of Rolls-Royce models to be the first to know about exclusive services that match the manufacturer's reputation, as well as receive exclusive offers and communicate securely with each other in the app.

Initially launched in Europe, the United States and the Middle East, the program is divided into three key areas: - Engaging the Rolls-Royce community for new content; - retail space with the ability for customers to place special orders or book events; - Exclusive access to major world events (Oscars, festivals or Grammy awards).

With a social focus, the app is intended to be a meeting point for brand enthusiasts to share their interests, tastes and comments that can be communicated directly to the Rolls Royce steering committee.

We are delighted that we are publicly launching our Whispers app, a digital and innovative version of Rolls-Royce House.

developed and implemented for over two years. The app is a digital portal beyond the fascinating world, where the exceptional is combined

with the extraordinary, meeting the expectations of our customer community. Whispers offers unique experiences, rare and desirable products, and valuable recommendations.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
CEO Thorsten Müller

Access to the application and its privileges is open to owners of Rolls-Royce produced in 2003 and newer. In the app, you can write to the CEO and board members of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars if you have any question. Did you miss the time to buy your football ticket? Write to the chat, and there will definitely be a place for you! Check in at a luxury hotel or weekend getaway in Meribel? If you are a member of the Whispers Club, all doors are open for you.

The most exclusive club in the world
The most exclusive club in the world
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